Terms & Conditions


If you expect and want channels with 100% up-times then IPTV is not for you. You are better off with Sling TV or PS Vue or something similar or sticking with your current cable or satellite service.

DISCLAIMER: Please be aware that IPTV is not for everyone and it is not a replacement of Cable TV. Nothing available anywhere is a direct replacement for a traditional content provider. IPTV is simply a very good, low cost, and convenient alternative to finding free links that are shared online, with the addition of EPG guides, VOD Movies(Video-on-Demand), and international content not available from most local providers. That’s why we provide 24 h free trial pass so people can see if what we provide is suitable for their expectations.


1. No physical item is included
2. No refund after you buy subscription since we cannot sell the subscription again once it is activated.
3. Please note one account works on one device only.
4. All IPTV servers are managed by off-shore third party providers, therefore, we don't have any control over service and content.
5. As a streaming media service, you may experience buffering, channels down for variable periods of time, Smart IPTV, STV Emulator crashing and restarting, loosing channel list, etc.
6. We are only to given access to add or remove accounts activation and MAC address change.
7. No warranties, guarantees or refunds can be provided for any sold IPTV subscription service.
8. It is illegal to watch any paid premium channels without a valid subscription or licence from a valid provider.
9. This product violates no laws through the valid intended use of this product and service and we accept no responsibility for misuse.
10. We do not own, run, maintain or have access to the servers or the channels.
11. As per our knowledge all channels provided by the server sellers abide by all relevant countries copyright laws and any copyright issues must be taken up directly with the server owners. TheKingIPTV have zero control over the servers, the stream and channels.

Longer subscription = cheaper price, but you always need to keep in mind, if for some reason server will go down, you will lose part of your payment.  We want to emphasise again, WE DO NOT HAVE ANY CONTROL OVER THE SERVER. Actually all other subscription resellers are in the same situation, but no one is advising customers about it. That’s why we do not offer 1 year subscription as it is way too long term. Please, always consider above information before making final decision. Thank you.