Real Reason for Buffering

Real Reason for Buffering - Read Before you Complain

VPN is required for UK customers.

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In nearly all support requests due to buffering, the problem is nearly always USER BASED.

The average person already knows this, so this is for those "others"
You will need to do the TEST every time you make a change... Use VLC for testing and view the DATA from VLC

  • You purchased a crappy internet connection but your ego will not admit it and instead of spending a few extra dollars/Euro a month for a better service, you instead put the blame on everyone else... On the other hand if you pay a lots of money for your Internet it does not mean that you have good Internet.  So lets now assume you have a decent Internet connection
  • Your line comes into your home and to a router.
    Did you setup Googles DNS ( and IPTV is slower?
    Revert back to your ISP DNS and see if that improves the situation (We found NOT using Google DNS is quicker)
  • WiFi or Ethernet - Try using Ethernet for Best Results
  • If you have a Smart TV and watching IPTV through a firestick, MAG or STB, then you are making the mistake.
    Use your TV's application, whether Smart IPTV or SSIPTV and you will see better results
  • Try and avoid using KODI
    If you using an Android Device, use IPTV app CLICK HERE or Smarters IPTV. Do not use KODI for IPTV!
    When using IPTV for android, try changing the player to VLC Beta
    If typing the URL is to much for you, run the URL through
  • Delete ALL the MALWARE on your devices. When you hunt for cheap/free software, you nearly always install MALWARE... 
    That is the price for being cheap! -- Malware uses your bandwidth
  • Who else is using Bandwidth in the home?
    Kids, GF, Mom, sibling maybe watching Youtube or other.... check it
  • Change your WiFi password and see if there is a change.. If there is, then you know your neighbours have hacked into your WiFi and using your Bandwidth (Consider hiding the SSID after you change it)
This next Tip is the easiest one and has the BEST results!
    Don't believe what ANYONE tells you. Try different players and you will see that some buffer like crazy and some stream very smoothly...
When you test Players you willl FINALLY realise that it IS YOUR SETUP as changing players shouldn't have that much of an issue, but it surprisingly does!!!

But... sometimes it is your ISP or The IPTV service...
Be smart, use some of the BRAIN you have to understand that during big games, MANY people will watch that channel and create a bandwidth issue.... Understand that please.