IPTV blocked in UK

  • Premier League Will Shut Down Kodi Plugins And Other IPTV during weekend afternoon football.

The English Premier League is worried about streams that broadcast football games for free, so it will apply in advance for an injunction to stop illegal streamers.
IPTV allowing people to stream Sky's sports channels, or other international services carrying EPL matches, without paying.
UK government blocked some 10,000 IP addresses last season and now has applied for a new injunction to cover the 2018-19 season.
The way this works is similar to the other copyright blocks you'll find on your ISP. For example, The Pirate Bay remains hard to access without a VPN on most of the large internet service providers in the UK. The injunction allows the EPL to notify the ISPs of any server it discovers that's relaying its football to customers for free or via a paid IPTV subscription.
The method used, however, means that anyone using a VPN can easily circumvent the restrictions, much as they can for The Pirate Bay. Then there's always the fact the the EPL can't find every stream, and many may well be available through places like closed Facebook groups or shared among friends.
For some, of course, there's another issue. That of Saturday afternoon football. In the UK it's not possible to watch these matches because the football clubs kicked up a fuss ages ago. Instead you're expected to go to the match instead. But naturally, non-UK broadcasters are free to show this games, so streaming gives punters a way to watch something that isn't broadcast in the UK.