Setup IPTV on MAG/StbEmu

How to Setup TheKingIPTV on MAG/StbEmulator

How to configure TheKingIPTV on MAG 254/STB EMULATOR

1 ===> First download STB Emulator on play store and install it (only for StbEmulator)

2 ===> Launch app and then press at the top right-hand corner, select settings / Profiles

3 ===> Press "add profile", and click on "Profile Name" and enter "TheKingIPTV" exactly. Then, click on STB Model " and select mag 254. Next, click on" Portal settings "," Portal URL " and enter this exactly:
And on the profile settings, delete other profiles, not concerning TheKingIPTV.

4 ===> Get back to main application and exit application

5 ===> Re-Launch application and the Portal will load automatically at startup!

PS: If you get STB blocked error, contact us to activate your MAC address.

 (Your MAC address can be find in settings /Profiles / TheKingIPTV / MAC address)

How to watch IPTV Channels on MAG

The MAG-Boxes are the most stable Devices for watching IPTV Channels.

1. Turn on your MAG Device

2. Once it boots up to the inner portal go to “Settings”

3. Now go to “System Settings” and select “Network” to set it up. “Auto (DHCP)” will work for most users. For wireless you need an USB adapter

4. Select “Auto update software” and set auto update to enabled. Press the green F2 button to update now. Then exit.

5. Exit out twice to “System Settings” menu and now go to Servers.

6. Click “General” and put in a timeserver. works. Use the “KB” button on your remote to bring up the on screen keyboard. This is where we fix your time. Press ok to save and then exit once back to “Servers’ menu.

7. Click “Portals” and enter your server info. There are 2 there. For “Portal 1 name” put GSS and “Portal 1 URL” is the URL what you get after Payment or for Trial.
Press ok to save and exit back twice to “System Settings” again.

8. Reboot your MAG Device.

9. After the reboot it will boot into the IPTV portal. If it loads into a TV channel or black screen press exit to see the portal page. Here you will see your TV Channels.