IPTV Reseller Program

Want to join an IPTV Reseller community of talented TV-loving people?

…and earn extra cash along the way.

iptv reseller

You love IPTV And we love that about you.

Buy Now the Iptv Reseller Panel with 100 Credits

In fact, we think you’d be a great addition to our community of people who could benefit from using IPTV. There’s a custom IPTV reseller panel that lets you manage a hundred — or if you’re really lucky, a thousand — customers with a measly click of a button.

New Panel with 100 Credits  100€

Select Your IPTV Reseller Credits Package

Different packages to suit to every need


20 Credits


  • 20 Credits

50 Credits


  • 50 Credits

100 Credits


  • 100 Credits

200 Credits


  • 200 Credits

500 Credits


  • 500 Credits

1000 Credits


  • 1000 Credits

We want to make this hassle-free for you.

Our interface is designed to be the easiest, simplest, customer panel with a credit system that doesn’t force you to scratch your head in confusion. Listen -- we don’t want you to miss on an opportunity to earn from loving, enjoying, showing other people what IPTV sensation can do. So, we ensure that you’re well compensated for what you want to do. This is your chance to see the back-end of what we do while managing your own set of sales (think of it like you’re building a company) and focusing on what makes your customers happy.

The rest? Leave it to us.

We take care of all set-up requirements and system maintenance, so you wouldn’t have to think about anything beyond what your customer wants, who you can attract, and how much you can earn. Your customers can use any apps Android, Kodi Web player, etc..)
What is IPTV Reseller account?
A IPTV reseller account is for these who want to business with IPTV. You can continue for reseller if you want to business with IPTV. You will have to sale IPTV links to your customers. Reseller account will charge for each line your create from account. Charges will be less than a regular customer.

Become A Reseller & Make Money Now!

You can now create your own IPTV Company, you’ll get your own panel installed to manage unlimited customers. Start reselling our IPTV packages to your customers and start managing your own sales and members easily with a very simple user interface.

Start selling within 5 minutes.

If you like our service and know some people that would like to try it as well, why not become a reseller? You only need 2 things to become a re-seller, the Re-seller Panel and Credits.