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IPTV Buffering? How to avoid it.

Iptv Buffering

What is IPTV buffering?

Obviously most of us know, it’s the number of pre-loaded data on your device, which try to loads ahead of a video playback during an online live streaming.

How to avoid IPTV Buffering?

We need to give you some informations about ways of how to avoid the IPTV Buffering.
There’s a few things we want to go over here that are absolutely critical for you to have a better experience with your IPTV service. The most important obviously is that you have to have good , stable Internet.
Let’s let’s jump into that so first things:

  1. Wi-Fi speeds internet speeds; whatever you want to call it.  Data that’s coming in from your ISP to your modem into your router.  If you  are trying to watch IPTV on 10, 15, 20 even 30 Mbps of speed that’s coming in from your ISP, it’s gonna work but it’s not gonna work well so we do recommend 40, 50+ 60 100 mpbs of speed.
    Now you’re thinking “oh I can’t get that”,  you’re probably not gonna have a great experience with IPTV . Then  it’s gonna work  for you but might have some more buffering and  a lot of people are complaining about it.,This IPTV provider sucks or this is not  the best IPTV service, because  always buffering.
    If you  tested various IPTV providers and they’re all buffering, then you know maybe it’s your Internet. We mean that’s plain and simple.  If one service works absolutely great and the other ones buffers non-stop then yeah it could be the IPTV service.  In our experience the best  IPTV service without IPTV buffering is NOWIPTV, really have no much buffering problems there might be a channel or two here and there. Overall they all work well for us and for many other Customers,  so Wi-Fi speeds is absolutely critical. In this test we used  60Mpbs, and we have nearly zero buffering so make sure your Wi-Fi is 50 60 100 Mpbs. Spend the money for that you’re saving money by cancelling your cable bill  to get a better Internet connection. It’s gonna help out all across any devices you’re using: Xbox, Android, iOS,Pc, Smart TV etc.
  2. Device;  this is probably another thing that people don’t realize. If you’re trying to run IPTV service on an old Android box, maybe you’ve had it for a while, or an olde phone, whatever you may be using you’ve got to make sure your device can handle this IPT V service.  Please keep in mind  the Wi-Fi it pull that data in real time so like when you’re watching Netflix that data is already there , it’ll buffer for a second and then it will load, there’s really no way for IPTV to build up the data before has to produce it out on your screen, that’s why you’ve got to have that fast Internet and you’ve got to have a fast device that can actually handle the software that’s using.
    If your device is old phone or if you’re using a box maybe with only one giga of ram, it is time to get a better one with 2GB of ram or even 3GB  Definitely spend a little bit more money. We use the Nvidia Shield  and we love it , We also running our IPTV on a fire stick and it runs just fine on there so in the no buffering so an Amazon Fire Stick ( new generation) will work.  We would definitely recommend trying to get the better version of whatever you’re looking .
    Some example:
    $30 Android box on Amazon or eBay they’re just not worth it so make sure that your device has quality and  it’s gonna work better.  We  tested on service on  an old Android box and it was buffering all day long it wouldn’t pull in good Wi-Fi it only  gave us a 2.4 speed vs. a 5 gigs or 5 giga hertz speed. It just it just matters  when you’re talking about the device itself so make sure you got a good device.
  3. Next is maintenance - you’ve to do some weekly maintenance on your equipment: you’ve to: reset your router;  reset your modems; clear out the ISP, (maybe there’s some static going on, maybe some you know bad connections between the two, clear those); make sure your hard resetting your router; hard reset of your device by  unplug your device, will let it reset, let it bring in and then clear your cache of your apps that you’re using. When we go back to to this maintenance make sure not having any apps on these boxes or devices that aren’t used. We do recommend use your box strictly for IPTV streaming,  Please don’t use it for games or for anything else  It’s your entertainment center and it is a cable box, used only for IPTV.
  4. So do your weekly maintenance on these boxes: clear the cache, restart everything at least once a week if not more, always refresh your channels daily to pull everything in fresh, clear everything out. It’s gonna work way better. You need to do it because that cache will build up and build up and then it makes that processing speed slow down,  because it’s trying to process everything and it’s got a bunch of bad data in there.
  5. Packet loss; this is something that is very importatn for the Internet speeds, If you’re still pinging 60 and you’re like: "I’m getting some buffering what’s going on?" You might want to call your Internet company and ask if they can you do a test, then they’ll run a test and then you can ask them what is the packet loss percentage coming over , what that means?
    If we have in hand a dollar bill at we send you , You will receive one dollar bill, If we have in hand four quarters  and we send you, you’re still receiving a dollar. If we have in hand full of pennies and we send to you , you might drop some pennies,  that’s called packet loss. So if the Internet’s pushing through and they’re losing their percentage of that packet, that’s coming through to you, that’s important and critical data that you need to produce on the live IPTV stream. If some of that if you drop 5% 10% 25% is getting lost, that’s what’s gonna slow it down. If somenthing start to work bad it could be packet loss so hopefully Internet provider may fix it or at least you will know where is the problem.


  1. Internet speeds
  2. Good Device
  3. Weekly maintenance
  4. No packet loss

Remember what IPTV is

You always need to remember that your are not using official IPTV provider.
In IPTV market perfection is somenthing unreachable. If you want to have a perfect product , you need to back to cable TV or Direct TV
We are hearing people complain about all these,  that have always buffers and they don’t know what your problem is. This guide will help to understand your problem and trust us when we say that now is working pefect  on our side, because we have 120mbps speed, good device, we weekly maintance and we don’t lost packages = no IPTV buffering.